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Wistaria Evelina MacTully

Wistaria Evelina MacTully wrote and published her first novel in 2022, Living With the Invisible Ones - The Story of Aine and Roisin. It's a tale about a family living with ghosts and extraterrestrials.

Over the course of several years I had started and stopped writing several tales in several notebooks. But then in the early days of 2022, it just seemed like a good time to listen to myself and not stop writing until the story of my debut novel, Living With the Invisible Ones - The Story of Aine and Roisin, was completed. 

I am self-published and not represented by any literary agency or publishing house. My books are printed on demand through various online bookstores. I would love to read your reviews, so please, don't be shy in sharing your thoughts on my novels. Feedback is how I will grow as a writer.

Wistaria likes to watch movies, read books about vampires, witches and fantasy worlds. She likes to create in different art forms, and she likes the solitude lifestyle. She lives in a forest with her family; where she can be easily distracted by all of the wildlife activity. 

Wistaria Evelina has a list of story ideas to write out and hopes that you will join her on this new life venture. Be ready to be taken to worlds where unicorns have come back, mermaids really do exist, Goddesses get their revenge, and cat-people help to end an evil sorceress. So many years filled with many tales to come.

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