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Living With the Invisible Ones, 8x10

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A big book with a larger font size is much easier to read. This printing of Living With the Invisible Ones - The Story of Aine and Roisin, is 8"x10". The page count is 414. The author has signed the title page. You will receive a free bookmark with the purchase of this new book.

The Story of Aine and Roisin is about a family moving into their new home in the small town of Tarlostone. Soon the other inhabitants of the house become known to mum Aine and daughter Roisin. Aine hires a Seer to help with the ghostly issues of the house. They will learn to live with the dead, but sadness blankets the house when Aine and Roisin are taken by the extraterrestrials who have been lurking in the darkest parts of the house. Now Lachlan is on a mission to rescue his family from the spaceship, Urushika CS19631701. Discoveries will be made, relationships will form and a dictatorship will end in this thrilling paranormal tale.