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Printable Bookmarks, Sheet #3

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Bookmarks with artwork and quotes by Wistaria Evelina MacTully, from her debut novel, Living With the Invisible Ones - The Story of Aine and Roisin.

These bookmarks are sized to be 2 inches by 6 inches. There is room left at the top for you to create a hole if you would like to attach a tassle, or string a ribbon through.

The bookmark's front and back design is side by side. Simply print the sheet on regular printing paper, cut out the sections, carefully line up the cut sections to fold them in half, then spread some glue all over the blank side and smooth the paper flat. Then leave the bookmark underneath something heavy to make it stay together until it has completely dried stiff. Alternatively, you can cut out each design to have more bookmarks, and no gluing. A thicker paper is recommended for this method.

Suitable to print on paper size: A4 or 8.5" x 11".

For personal use only. Do not edit, redistribute the file or sell the printed bookmarks. Artwork Copyright ©2023 Wistaria Evelina MacTully. To stock bookmarks in your store, contact Wistaria.

You will get a PDF (29MB) file