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Bookmarks and autographed bookplate for fans are now in store at

New Products for the Store

Hello Readers,

I have been working on a new product listing for my store!

I have designed some bookmarks and added them to my store. There is also an option for customers to download the .pdf to print out bookmarks. The bookmark designs are of a cat, from The Story of Aine and Roisin. This cat was found by the mother and daughter, and the quote is Roisin's reasoning for naming the cat Skye. There is an extraterrestrial head with a song that Volo makes up trying to obtain the attention of the room. There is one with the novel's cover design on a galaxy painting. Then there is Laoise's spelled bracelets, with the spell to bind the living with the dead, and to break their connection.

Another item in the store, is for those that love to collect signed books. I have created autographed bookplates for fans to place this signed sticker on the title page of the novel that they had purchased through one of the online bookstores.


Bookmarks are $7 each. The autographed sticker is $5. The bookmark .pdfs are $3.50 each.

I hope that you have an amazing weekend!

~*Wistaria Evelina MacTully