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A photograph of the hardcover and paperback books of The Story of Aine and Roisin

New Purchase Options!

She should be working on writing her second novel, but....

I have been working on setting things up to sell copies of books that I have on hand, and for another form of purchasing the e-format of Living With the Invisible Ones - The Story of Aine and Roisin.

I have a purchase section with the online bookstores' links on my novel's special page within my website, and now there is also a link to a make a purchase for those that like to own signed copies. But since you are here and probably did not know about this wonderful news, here are the BUY NOW links. :-)

6x9 Hardcover, 3 available, $40.

8x10 Hardcover, 1 available, $63.

5x8 Hardcover w/jacket, 2 available, $39.

6x9 Paperback, 5 available, $32.

Price includes domestic shipping coverage.

AND NOW, you can purchase the novel in e-format by visiting my store:

Thank you for reading my announcement. I hope that you have a wonderful weekend!


Original post created on April 28, 2023.